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We are excited to announce that the Rockingham Ghost Walk will be returning for our public tour event Friday, October 15 to Sunday, October 17, 2021!  For more information and to reserve tickets, please visit the official Ghost Walk page.

PDRP recently investigated the infamous Madison Seminary in Ohio with our sponsor, Iron Bean Coffee Company!  Stay tuned for more details about our experience at this historic facility.

Also be sure to check out Scott's blog "Contemplating the World Beyond" 

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We are a skilled team of paranormal investigators with the knowledge and expertise to help those in the Pee Dee region and beyond who experience paranormal activity and other unexplained phenomena.  We do not charge for local services, but travel expenses may apply depending on the distance from our location.  Donations are also accepted and greatly appreciated!




 PDRP is: 

Robert "Preacher" Humphries


Brian "Reaper" Horton


Rick "Pops" Horton

Senior Investigator

Andrew McInville

Co-Lead Investigator

Scott "Phantom" Tomestic

Co-Lead Investigator / Webmaster

Stephanie "Boss" Currie

Case Manager / Investigator

Jeff "Tank" Collins

Tech Manager / Investigator

Katie Currie-Goodson

Historian / Photographer / Investigator

Roddy Watts

Equipment Tech Trainee

Matt Thornton



Guard Dog




Undisclosed Building

Darlington, SC


PDRP investigated a historic Darlington building with a gruesome past and plenty of restless spirits to go around.  The third floor proved to be the most active, as the team heard repeated footsteps and talking/whispering up there, accompanied by battery drainage throughout the night.  Some of the voices even gave audible intelligent responses (without equipment).  It was a very strong case for personal experiences.


Undisclosed Building

Darlington, SC


After a long hiatus, PDRP returned to Darlington to continue investigating a historic building.  This was also the team's first case to be broadcast on Facebook Live.  Videos of the investigation were posted to the PDRP YouTube page and can be found below:

PDRP Private Residence SC 1

PDRP Private Residence SC 2

PDRP Private Residence SC 3

PDRP Private Residence SC 4

PDRP Private Residence SC 5


Trivette Clinic

Hamptonville, NC


PDRP investigated a former hospital in Yadkin County.


Undisclosed Residence

Rockingham, NC


PDRP was called to a plantation home in Rockingham.


Undisclosed Residence

Hamlet, NC


A concerned Richmond County resident asked PDRP to investigate recurring experiences in his home.  The team made contact with at least two entities believed to be attached to the property, but audio evidence suggested many more were present just outside the house, implying a portal may be somewhere nearby.


Spectral anomaly captured at Colonel Kolb's Tomb Bennettsville, SC

Barlow Homestead - Male voice response
00:00 / 00:00

EVP recorded at Barlow homestead

Hamlet, NC


Possible apparitions at St. Albans Sanatorium 

Radford, VA

Possible apparition of "Amy" at Hamlet train depot Hamlet, NC

Hamlet Depot - Young female voice + whisper
00:00 / 00:00

EVP of multiple voices at Hamlet train depot

Hamlet, NC

Shadow person in bedroom of private residence

Wadesboro, NC



EMF Detector

Detects electromagnetic fields and displays the reading in milligauss (mg) on a digital screen.  A normal room will typically read 0mg to 1.5mg, where a room with a ghost or spirit present may read 1.5mg to 8mg.

K-II Meter

Detects electromagnetic fields and lights up from green to red based on the EMF level detected.  Often used as a method of communicating with ghosts or spirits.

Digital Thermometer

Reads ambient temperature and used to determine if a spirit or ghost is drawing energy in a room, or creating "cold spots".  A paranormal reading is considered at least 10 degrees below the base reading of the room.

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EM Pump

Device that uses spinning magnets to generate an electromagnetic field (EMF) that ghosts or spirits can use to manifest.

SLS Camera

The "Structured Light Sensor" camera uses an infrared RGB camera with 3D mapping technology to give shape to a spirit's energy in the form of a stick figure.  PDRP utilizes an Xbox Kinect to perform this function.

Spirit Box

Generic term for a device with a speaker that uses an audio feed, either by scanning radio frequencies or a stored bank of audio clips, as a means for ghosts or spirits to communicate.  PDRP uses a modified version of Steve Huff's Wonder Box, known as the Static Box.  It consists of a mini amp, reverb pedal and noise suppression pedal, and connects to an SB-7 radio to scan different frequencies.  Spirits can manipulate this audio to generate discernible words or phrases, often in direct response to questions or actions.


Device used to communicate with intelligent spirits by measuring temperature and electromagnetic fields, then combining the readings to correspond with a built-in database of words.  This effectively allows the spirit to speak without the need to decipher audio recordings.

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Is your home or business haunted?  Do you have a recommendation for a property we should investigate?  Contact us below and we will respond as soon as possible.  We are locally operated in Rockingham, NC.

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