Undisclosed Residence

Taylorsville, NC


A home with reported poltergeist activity was found to contain something much 
more sinister, which tested the entire team.  An entity hiding in the basement was witnessed by multiple investigators.


Undisclosed Residence

Monroe, NC


Reports of multiple apparitions, phantom smells and other strange activity brought 
the team to this family home deep in the country. Direct responses with a flashlight 
were experienced throughout the night.  PDRP concluded there was a mix of 
intelligent and residual hauntings, but nothing that meant anyone harm.


Undisclosed Residence

Concord, NC


​A 3-man investigation of the client's garage and backyard yielded a surprising number of EVPs, raising questions about the property's history.  The team also tested dowsing rods for the first time with interesting results.


St. Albans Sanatorium

Radford, VA


Fascinating two-night investigation of one of the most infamously haunted locations in the eastern US.  Numerous EVPs as well as many personal experiences made this PDRP's most incredible investigation yet.

Click here to see a clip from the first night of the investigation.

A detailed summary of the entire St. Albans investigation can be found in Scott Tomestic's paranormal blog:
Two Nights in St. Albans Sanatorium (part 1)
Two Nights in St. Albans Sanatorium (part 2)


Undisclosed Residence

Cheraw, SC


​PDRP got more than they bargained for when what they thought would be an open-shut case revealed a full-on demonic possession!  Preacher Rob sprung into action and before long the young man was back to himself.


Hamlet Depot & Museums

Hamlet, NC


​In preparation for the third annual Hamlet Depot Ghost Tour, PDRP conducted a preliminary investigation of the depot to collect evidence and see what the place had to offer.  Some interesting EVPs were captured, including the one featured on our Evidence page.


Ansonia Theater

Wadesboro, NC


PDRP couldn't miss the opportunity to investigate this historic theater in downtown Wadesboro, where the famous musician Gene Autry once performed and is rumored to haunt!  Some spooky EVPs of what sounded like laughing were heard repeatedly.