Richmond Community Theater

Rockingham, NC


​PDRP's long-awaited investigation of our local community theater did not disappoint.  Claims from this famously haunted location include everything from apparitions and phantom knocking to women being touched by an unseen entity.


Undisclosed Residence

Concord, NC


PDRP returned to Concord to re-investigate a property with reportedly increased activity since our last visit.  While the team's new Ovilus got some interesting results in the garage, evidence overall was inconclusive due to high tension power lines overhead and potential faulty wiring causing a "fear cage" effect.


Undisclosed Residence

Wadesboro, NC


One of PDRP's most fascinating cases yet!  A slew of paranormal activity ran a family out of their home and PDRP was called in to help.  Reports of a presence in the master bedroom were confirmed by images of a shadow person, and one investigator was scratched!  The team worked late into the night to clear the home and educate the homeowners on how to protect themselves. 


Undisclosed Residence

Rockingham, NC


A fellow paranormal investigator invited PDRP to investigate her purportedly haunted home right here in Rockingham!  Activity centered in the basement, where the team took turns conducting EVP sessions and captured a number of direct responses.


A Southern Touch at The Estate

Rockingham, NC


PDRP was called in to investigate a local event venue and quell the owners' concerns about some haunted happenings.  A number of excellent EVPs were captured, and we even caught a door closing by itself on video!


Old St. David's Church & Cemetery

Cheraw, SC


A private group investigation brought PDRP to one of the oldest churches in South Carolina and its surrounding cemetery.  With such a rich and fascinating history, we were not surprised to hear a myriad of different voices when we ran the Phasma Box in the church.  We also had some luck communicating with flashlights in the cemetery, which even puzzled some of the skeptics who were present.