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     Interested in joining a legit paranormal team? We are looking for highly motivated and dedicated individuals to join not only our team, but our family. No experience needed to join us, we will help teach you the ropes. Only rule we enforce highly is 1) NO Drama, 2) Legitimacy to the field. 

     All departments are available in  Pee Dee Region Paranormal. Positions include but are not limited to; Investigators, Researchers, Technicians, Information Systems Technicians, Audio and Video Technicians etc. If you have a specific skill set that you'd like to share with us, we'd love to talk to you. 

     Our working atmosphere is family oriented and trust is also huge. We need you to be able to trust us and we need to be able to trust you. If you think you may be a fit for our Family, please apply by submitting the form below.

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PDRP Management

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